Encounters with Wave Walker
Encounters with Wave Walker (L88)

JULY 3 – It was a beautiful, windswept, and whale filled day here on Vancouver Island. Our morning high-speed zodiac FasTide, skippered by Mark, headed out towards East Sooke and was greeted with the wonderful sight of members of the Southern resident killer whale J-Pod breaching. They also got to see members of the pod spyhopping. This is when a whale rises and holds a vertical position partially out of the water with its rostrum and head showing. It was quite the sight! From there, FasTide passengers headed towards Race Rocks where they saw the resident sea otter, ‘Harry Otter’ and then continued for an adventurous ride towards San Juan Island.

Our afternoon zodiac FasTide, skippered by Greg, left the dock where passengers witnessed the sight of a bald eagle being chased off by seagulls. It was exciting to watch the chase ensue! From there, they encountered some harbour seals and finally arrived at the main event where they witnessed an array of killer whales transiting, frolicking and tail lobbing.

The afternoon covered vessel, Marauder IV, captained by Ian, arrived on scene with two groups of resident killer whales. Passengers were happy to witness the likes of ‘Wave Walker’ L88, a large male orca who delighted guests when he decided to do a “back-flip breach”, said Captain Ian. Guests got a taste of the true West Coast with big swells and “BIG waves” making for an adventurous and exciting day out on the water!

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