JULY 31, 2015 – J-pod was the group of Orca whales we visited with today.   It was absolutely amazing viewing of this group of our local killer whale residents! Mike and the J16s swam right past Marauder’s port side! They also did some awesome spyhops! After that our boats travelled west to pick up two Humpbacks.  And then continued on to Race Rocks to check out some Stellar sea lions. In the afternoon our boats went east to San Juan Island and spent the afternoon with Blackberry and Double Stuff, two of  J-Pod’s adult males – magnificent!

Orca calf with teeth marks from birth
Notice the teeth marks on its back, most likely from another orca using its teeth to help pull the calf out during birth!

Mike (J26) resident orca in Victoria Orca calf, likely J50 off Victoria BC

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