Sunset and superpod!
Sunset and superpod!

Put simply, today was amazing! We had morning, afternoon and evening departures with each of them delivering a unique and wonderful experience with our local wildlife.

In the morning we caught up with two Humpbacks, a mother and calf, just south of Race Rocks. The pair can only be described as majestic as they continually surfaced together, showing off their distinguishing humps and great tail flukes. On the way back, we stopped by Race Rocks for a look at the hundreds of Stellar and California Sea Lions. Although many of our passengers were out to see whales, they were suitably impressed by the sheer amount and size of the Pinnipeds hauled up on the rocks and fishing around the boats.

In the afternoon our passengers were treated to a “super pod” (all three Southern Resident Killer Whales pods travelling together).   It was a special treat to say the least!  J-Pod and K-Pod were grouped tightly together, followed by L-Pod, travelling a little less than 1 mile behind.  The highlight was catching up with the newest member of L-Pod, L120. As is typical for baby Killer Whales, the calf had a slightly orange hue and was easily spotted among the larger adults. For the crew and passengers alike it was a very special experience.

For Skipper Geoff it was the evening trip that made the day one to remember. The boat departed at 5pm, on beautifully calm waters and went directly south out to Race Rocks. The super calm conditions made for excellent photos of the massive Sea Lions and gorgeous lighthouse. From there it was only a short trip over to the super pod. From about 200 metres away the passengers could see huge splashes and the outlines of whales throwing themselves out of the water. When we arrived on scene we were treated to an excellent show with countless tail slaps and at least half a dozen breaches and spyhops. It was amazing to see so many whales travelling together in a relatively small area, but the real treat was listing to them breathe they passed by the boat. We stayed with the pods for an entire hour, as the sun set and created a beautiful purple glow over the water. The feeling on the boat on the way back to the Harbour was nothing short of delight as the setting sun created an array of colours over the skyline.

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