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Dall's Porpoise on a Victoria Whale Watching Tour
Dall’s Porpoise

JAN 31 2017 – Today Captain Ian Roberts took some excited guests out west in search of wildlife.  He started off at Haystock Rocks, just south of Victoria, where he spotted some Seals and Eagles.

From there they visited the huge Steller and California Sea Lions at Race Rocks and also saw multiple Bald Eagles.  But the highlight of the trip was definitely the Dall’s Porpoise that decided to ride on the bow of the Zodiac.

Ian found these speedy cetaceans just south of Sooke, a beautiful spot to the west of Victoria.  These porpoise are the fastest of all small cetaceans and can reach speeds of up to 55 km per hour!  Luckily for our guests they decided to swim along with the Zodiac at a reasonable pace for over 15 minutes!  If you’ve never seen these critters in action before then check out our short video from last season!  It’s awesome!

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