Tail Slap taken by Ian Roberts – Nov 21 2015

NOV 21 2015 – Not only did we see multiple Humpback Whales today but we also saw Dall’s Porpoise and Bald Eagles.  It all started at 1pm with Captain Ian.  Ian headed east today into the calm waters of Haro Strait.  Pretty soon into the trip Ian found not one but two Humpback Whales.  They were two large animals and they were travelling quite tightly together.  Ian watched them for a bit and then decided to search for some more wildlife before returning to the Humpbacks.  Luckily, close by, Ian found some Dall’s Porpoise.  They were in a playful mood and they swam along with the Zodiac for some time.  These critters are similar to dolphins and are amazing to see when they bow ride.

After the Dall’s Porpoise Ian headed back to the Humpback Whales.  Our passengers saw some beautiful Whale Tails and they even saw one of the Humpbacks do a large surface roll and show off it’s pectoral fin.

On the way home they spotted a pair of mature bald eagles on Fiddle Rock.  It was a wildlife filled day that was enjoyed by all.

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