A breech from today's Zodiac trip thanks to Anders Christiansen.
A breech from today’s Zodiac trip thanks to Anders Christiansen.

Another great day on the water with both Resident and Transient Killer Whales keeping us company! In the morning we got an early report and headed straight out the Hannah Heights to meet up with K-Pod. We had three boats on scene and all of them got a great look at the whales with tons of spy hops and some wonderful breaches (check out the amazing photo above from one of our passengers).

In the afternoon the Transients lived up to their reputation of record sightings this year (Transient orca sightings in Salish Sea) and decided to wait for us right outside the Harbour!  We caught up with them on the south side of Trial Island, where it looks like they had made a few kills. Altogether, we had 12 whales traveling in two groups, all displaying typical Transient hunting behaviour. On the way back home, we dropped by Race Rocks to see some Seals and Seal Lions. We got a fabulous look at one Sea Lion as it paraded past the boat with a huge Skate in its mouth!

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