We weren’t wrong when we said September was going to be another month of spectacular whale sightings! Today, we spent the both the morning and afternoon with a family of five Transient Killer Whales. In the morning we first caught up a Humpback and then met the family of two males, two females and a calf southeast of Constance Bank. It was just a short boat ride out of the Harbour, meaning the passengers got plenty of viewing time. However, the afternoon trip must be a record setter when it comes to short travel times! At one point the group of Transient Killer Whales were actually in the Harbour, travelling around Ogden Point! Being onboard the boat was excellent as we were able to follow group along the shoreline for at least half an hour. Because the whales were so close to the Harbour, we also had time to visit the scenic lighthouse at Race Rocks, along with the hoards of seals and sea lions hauled up on to the rocks. As Captain Dave put it “It was a darn good trip, if I do say so myself!”

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