A Dall's Porpoise: Illustration by Al Denbeigh
A Dall’s Porpoise: Illustration by Al Denbeigh

What can we say…another great day on the water with our Southern Resident Killer Whales, a River Otter, a Dall’s Porpoise and plenty of Harbour Seals! This morning Marauder IV, and our speedy Zodiacs, caught up with K-pod just near Hannah Heights. The animals were hunting for Salmon and quite spread out (as is typical when they hunt).

K-pod is made up of 19 whales, all of which were travelling together. This included the two biggest males of the group, Lobo & Cappuccino. One of the whales treated our guests to a spyhop – always a fantastic photo opportunity! The wildlife didn’t stop there though, as we saw plenty of seals and a River Otter in the harbour on the way back!

In the afternoon we again caught up with all 19 members of K-pod – this time travelling north in a tight really group. However, it wasn’t just the whales that impressed the passengers, as we also caught sight of Dall’s Porpoise at Constance Bank. Given these the beautiful critters have been so elusive this season, it was a nice surprise for both the crew and passengers to see one today.

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