Today can only be described as a wildlife bonanza! Across the two trips, we saw a Humpback Whale, all three Resident Killer Whales pods, three Minke Whales, a Basking Shark, and plenty of Harbour Porpoise, California Sea Lions, Stellar Sea Lions and Harbour Seals! The big surprise was, of course, the Basking Shark feeding on a giant bait-ball. Even though the shark only surfaced once, it was amazing to see, as these giant plankton eaters seldom find themselves in our local waters. None of the crew or passengers had seen a Basking Shark before, so it was a special trip for everyone. The other highlight of the day was seeing super-pod (all three Resident Killer Whale pods travelling together). Skipper Stu said it was an amazing trip as they witnessed about twenty spyhops in the time they were on scene! From the looks of today’s sightings, September is set to be another month of amazing whale watching!

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