Humpback tail fluke Photo Credit: Fiona Fogarty
Humpback tail fluke
Photo Credit: Fiona Fogarty

Skipper Stuart came back from his Marine Wild Life trip smiling ear to ear! “We had humpbacks, Dall’s porpoise, a Bald Eagle, Sea Lions and Harbour seals! It amazes me how much we get to see out there” stated Stu.

They started out heading  in the direction of Race Rocks Marine Protected Area.  Just a bit east of Race Rocks they spotted a group of humpback whales. “We had a group of five humpbacks who were diving and we got to see several tail flukes!” The fall is a great time to see humpback whales in the Victoria area.

While enjoying the sights and sounds of the humpbacks, the guests and Stu had a close encounter with one as it surfaced about 10 feet away from the boat! Skipper Stuart was very excited saying “One humpback came up beside the boat and we could feel and smell its blow!” He then made the joke “You sure can tell that they don’t use a toothbrush!”

The trip also enjoyed Dall’s porpoise who were in the same area as the humpback whales. Dall’s porpoise can suddenly appear out of nowhere and disappear just as fast, making them very exciting to watch!

The group had the opportunity to see a Bald Eagle at Church Rock. These birds are always amazing to see in person in the wild! You never realize how large they are until you see them close up.

En route back to Victoria, Stuart stopped at Race Rocks to check out the wildlife . They saw over 200 Stellar and California sea lions, as well as harbour seals!

All in all it was yet another exciting trip!





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