Southern Resident Crewser (J92)

JULY 14, 2016 – Today we experienced beautiful blue skies, warm sunshine and calm water. A perfect day for whale watching!

The morning tours took us to the westside of San Juan Island where we found L Pod, one of our Southern Resident Killer Whale Pods.  We watched the L43 and L26 matrilines, including the big male called Crewser (L92). He’s a 21 year old male with a very distinctive fin shape and travels with Ballena (L90), who we think may be his aunt. We spent some time watching them feed, and got a good look at one of the girls catching a fish at the surface!

In the afternoon the weather remained lovely, although the wind did start to pick up a little.  We sped back to San Juan Island, closer to Lime Kiln Park this time, where L Pod was still milling around in about the same spot as this morning. We saw Crewser again, and also hung out with L88, one of the orphaned males of L Pod that has attached himself to L54 and her Matriline. We had a great look at some of the new babies in this group, as they broke out in a breaching frenzy close to shore. Killer whale calves first start breaching around 2 years of age, and seem pretty excited to learn. One of the youngsters seemed to be following the lead of a female that was breaching and doing ‘cartwheels’ about 500 meters from the boat!

Our trip across the waterfront home was a bit bumpy, as the wind had come up, and we got a close look at some adventure-seeking kite surfers near Clover Point before heading home.

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