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May 10 2019- An intensive search along the Canadian and US Coasts yielded some great sights.

best wildlife photo
A white Harbour Seal Photo by Jason McLean

Today was a beautiful calm day on the water. Our zodiacs were able to cover a lot of ground, 120 nautical miles over two trips! In addition, our covered vessel, Marauder IV was out in the afternoon searching over 50 nautical miles.

All boats headed right out of the Victoria Harbour towards the South-West, exploring both US and Canadian waters. Some points of interest included Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, and Secretary Island off East Sooke Park on the Canadian side. The afternoon tours headed over to Crescent Bay and Agate Bay along the Washington coast to explore a different area.

All tours spotted some impressive marine life.  Seals, sea lions, and elephant seals were all in abundance, sunning themselves on rocks and swimming through the water gracefully.  A highlight was our resident sea otter, Harry, often found hanging out in the kelp.

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