Resident Killer Whales from K-Pod
Resident Killer Whale from K-Pod

JUNE 11, 2015 – Wow what a day! Another day of us spending time with our Resident Killer Whales. It was amazing when two Orcas swam right up to the boat! The male was a little shy and continued swimming underneath the vessel, but the female decided to come up for a quick breath right beside the vessel before joining her companion under the water. Such a fantastic encounter with our Resident Killer Whales from K-Pod.

The three main pods that reside in the Victoria area are J-Pod, K-Pod and L-Pod. The K-Pod is made up of 19 whales and is the smallest of the pods. When all of the pods from the Southern Resident Killer Whales are found swimming in one area it is known as a Super Pod!

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