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One of today’s Humpbacks! Photo credit: Fiona Fogarty.

The fun continues this October with 4 friendly Humpback Whales, Pacific White-Sided Dolphins and feeding Sea Lions seen on today’s tours! Our morning Zodiac started the adventure by tracking down some Dolphins south of Victoria. The group was travelling west at quite a pace, but did take a short break to play with the boat and give everyone a nice close look.

Meanwhile, our covered vessel Marauder IV stopped by Race Rocks to check out the Steller Sea Lions. Now don’t be fooled – this wasn’t your ordinary encounter with a sea lion. There was no sleeping lazily on the rocks nor paddling around in the water. This encounter was a trip highlight with some serious feeding going on. We saw hundreds of salmon at the surface and the sea lions were delighting in the feast. When sea lions feed on salmon, they don’t eat them whole as they are too big to swallow.  So, they kill or disable a fish and then wildly thrash it around in the water to tear off smaller, edible pieces. Although a little graphic, it is a fascinating thing to watch and a great introduction to the types of things we will be focusing on during our upcoming marine wildlife tours (starting October 15).

Both boats then headed to what can only be described as an extremely friendly Humpback. One particular moment really stood out as it caught the entire boat by surprise! The Captain and Crew knew there was a Humpback around and had stopped the boat, waiting for the whale to surface. Then out of nowhere, and to the great surprise of everyone on board, the whale surfaced right next the boat, exiting with a beautiful tail fluke. SpringTide Naturalist Fiona Fogarty caught the moment on film so be sure to check out the footage on our Google Plus or Facebook page.

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