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What a wonderful Canada Day on the water!

Our tours began with sunny skies and calm waters- perfect conditions for spotting wildlife. In the morning sunshine Captain Marty sailed Marauder IV, with the zippy zodiacs not far behind, and soon enough they spotted a blow in the distance. They arrived near William Head and saw 2 magnificent Humpback Whales.

Humpback Whale, Victoria BC
A Humpback Whale Tail, Photo by Naturalist Gord Green, image taken with zoom lens and heavily cropped


Leaving the Humpback Whales, we headed towards Race Rocks Ecological Reserve with a crisp vista of the Olympic Mountains. We were met with some Seas & Sea Lions lazily enjoying the weather on the rocks. We also caught sight of our favourite Sea Otter- “Harry Otter” taking in the rays.

Race Rocks Victoria, BC
Photo taken by Naturalist Gord Green


Later that afternoon, we saddled up for another gorgeous trip out on the ocean. The conditions were still perfect and not wanting to miss the opportunity to see the Humpback Whales again, we headed straight for William Head. Not only did we spot the Humpbacks, but after pressing on a little further, came across Killer Whales too! Our crew expertly recognized the Orcas as the T46B’s & T46A2.

Killer Whales, Victoria BC
Transient Orcas just past William Head. Photo Taken by Naturalist Gord Green, image taken with zoom lens and heavily cropped


We set sail once more for a beautiful sunset tour. Our Zodiacs headed into the late afternoon sun towards O’Neil’s Island after reports of Killer Whales in the area and came across T65A2. The sunset was stunning and our boats watched in awe. We headed back towards Victoria’s Inner Harbour just in time for the Canada Day fireworks- a fantastic end to our Canada Day on the water!

SpringTide Zodiac
Skipper Alex & passengers enjoying Canada Day, image taken by Naturalist Gord Green with a zoom lens and heavily cropped


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