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Saturday January 12 2019 – This afternoon, Captain Ian and passengers on the High-Speed Zodiac, StrongTide, headed out of Victoria Harbour in search of whales. It was a beautiful January day! The sun was shining, the water was calm and the search for whales was on.

The initial search brought Captain Ian and passengers west of Victoria, where group were able to see some Bald Eagles, before hearing a report from land of Killer Whales in the area! Ian then shot East to Discovery Island, where he managed to spot K-Pod, members of the Southern Resident Killer Whales. With SpringTide being the first boat on scene, the group were lucky enough to spend some alone time with the 19 animals and the glassy, flat calm sea. What a dream!

K-Pod then treated us to some gorgeous spyhopping, before beginning to travel back past Victoria. Their direction of travel meant that Ian and his excited group were able to stay with K-Pod for their entire travel back to the harbor! But before leaving the whales there, Ian searched among the pod to try and locate K25 for the Center of Whale Research. There have been reports recently suggesting that K25 has been looking thin, possibly emaciated. Unfortunately Ian and his group were unable to locate K25, but we later learned that he was found, and is looking healthier than before! What great news for their population, especially in addition to the recent birth of L124 from L-Pod!

They then said their goodbyes to K-Pod near the entrance to Victoria, and cruised back into the harbor from what was another epic Killer Whale trip with Captain Ian and an awesome group of people!

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