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Passengers had an amazing day out on the water today and got the chance to see a sight rarely seen, members of the Offshore Killer Whales.

Skipper, Mark, took passengers south of Victoria harbour towards Constance Bank. Mark brought his passengers to see a group of Offshore Killer Whales, or Californian Killer Whales! This group is very mysterious, we don’t know much about them. Scientists speculate that this ecotype preys on sharks as they tend to have very worn down teeth! These killer whales had never been seen in our area before and only once in California, super rare! The killer whales were hunting a huge male Steller sea lion. The attack lasted more than an hour! A very special sighting on the water!

If that wasn’t enough on our way home Mark found another family of killer whales! It was the T123’s with the young calf T123D that is only a couple of weeks old! What a day!!

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