humpback whale

November 3 2016 – Gorgeous weather greeted us for our tour today. Brilliant sunshine, blue skies, a beautifully flat calm sea and the sight of fresh snow on the Olympic mountains.  Just ten minutes from Victoria’s Inner Harbour we were greeted by a pair of Humpback Whales leisurely travelling westward towards Race Rocks Ecological Reserve.  With such awesome weather we had great visibility across the Strait and we sighted blows in the distance, at least five or six Humpback Whales. Each species of whale has a different shaped blow due to the shape and number of their blowholes. The columnar blow of the Humpback Whale can reach 4 metres in height as they exchange 90% of the air in their lungs following a dive!

Further west we came into Whirl Bay on the Metchosin coastline and stopped by Swordfish Rock to view the Bald Eagles returning to their wintering grounds on Vancouver Island. We headed south towards the Olympic peninsula and the Washington coast. The rugged and rocky sea caves and coves around the Port Angeles shoreline were an absolutely stunning sight in the afternoon sunshine.

Speeding back across the Strait of Juan De Fuca we popped back to Race Rocks for a closer look at the Steller and California Sea Lions. We were greeted with a delightful surprise – Harry, the resident Sea Otter, was playing amongst the kelp! Between the great weather, stunning scenery and variety of wildlife it had been a fantastic tour. As we headed for home a sudden splash was heard, another Humpback Whale was playfully lobtailing and performing mini breaches in front of us! The perfect end to one of the best trips of the season!

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