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Wednesday November 21 2018 – Our guests were over the moon today after their 3 hour Zodiac Whale Watching adventure!  Not only did they see Humpback Whales but they spent nearly an hour with a pod of social Bigg’s Transient Orca.

Captain Ian headed out on one of our high speed open Zodiacs, StrongTide, at 1pm today.  First stop was with two large Humpback Whales just south of Victoria. These two gentle giants showed off their huge tails multiple times and Ian even got a beautiful shot with Victoria in the background.  You can check out the pictures from today’s trip on our Facebook Page or you can check out some of our best shots over the years here on our website!

After watching these Humpbacks for a while Captain Ian headed south west with the intention of showing his guests Race Rocks Ecological Reserve.  But half way there he got a call from another boat telling him about of a pod of Bigg’s Transient Orca to the east of him.  He changed his course and within minutes was with the Orca.  It was a social group that had most likely just made a kill as there were lots of birds flying over head looking for scraps.  Ian and our guests spent over an hour with this group that included a cute little calf.  They were swimming back and forth and even made some really close passes to our Zodiac.  It was definitely a trip to remember.

Once again Ian went over the 3 hours as everyone was having far too much fun.  When the guests got back they headed up to our office to be treated to a complimentary hot chocolate to warm them up.  Another great tour from a great guide!



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