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Today was a gorgeous day out on the water spent with a big group of Transient Killer Whales.

Our skipper, Mark, headed out with passengers on our High-Speed Zodiac, Fastide. The weather was absolutely gorgeous with glassy, clam water.

Mark led his passengers first towards Discovery Island. Here, Mark’s passengers got to spend some time looking at some Harbour Seals basking on the rocks.

From there, Mark journeyed North towards Spieden Island. Around here, Mark and his passengers got to spend some time with a huge group of the marine mammal eating Orcas. Anywhere from 10 to 20 animals were present! In the group was two (at least) large males with large dorsal fins and a young calf that was still pink in colour. Calves get a pink colour as they have limited fat on their body which makes their blood vessels closer to the surface of their skin, which makes it appear pink! This colour changes to the normal white usually in about a years time.

A fantastic day on the water!

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