Dall's Porpoise
Dall’s Porpoise

NOV 14 2014 – Another beautiful day out on the water! Captain Ian started his trip off by heading west out of Victoria towards Sooke. The group came upon a pod of about ten Dall’s Porpoise 1 mile south of Becher Bay. Dall’s can be very exciting  as they are true speed demons. They often will suddenly appear and then disappear just as quick! The pod that Ian and our guests found played around the boat for a short period of time and then they were off.

After spending some time with the Dall’s porpoise  Ian head in the direction of Race Rocks in search of some reported humpback whales. After searching for quite some without any luck, they made their way to Race to see seals and sea lions.

Once the boat arrived to Race Rocks they came upon another group of Dall’s porpoise! What a great experience for our guests to see that many Dall’s in one trip! Much like the first encounter with Dall’s, this group was zigzagging around the boat by a swish of their powerful tails.

Also at Race Rocks there were hundreds of sea lions laying about on the rocks. Ian said they got a great show because “all the sea lions were up on the rocks and then something must have scared them because they all came charging off the rocks and jumping into the water!” The passengers were right excited to see these large animals move so quickly and to witness them get into the water like that as well!

Just after leaving Race Rocks Ian managed to find two humpback whales about 1 mile east. The passengers were able to see several flukes as the whales came up for air and then dove back down into the waters. Humpbacks are always such magical animals to see in the wild once you realize how big they actually are and how smoothly they glide through the water.

This trip was a great adventure with several exciting opportunities and sightings of Victoria’s marine wildlife. We have also been very fortunate with this amazing weather that we are having throughout November and it doesn’t look like the sun is going away anytime soon!

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