Bald Eagles taken by Ian, Feb 10 2016

FEB 10 2016 – What another great trip.  Today we headed west and found a lot of cool West Coast Wildlife!  We made stops at Haystock Islands and saw many Harbour Seals and Eagles, we passed through Race Rocks Ecological Reserve and saw scores of Steller Sea Lions and at least 10 mature and immature Bald Eagles.  There were a few large Elephant Seals sitting high on the rocks sunning themselves.  These critters are so huge that they always get the best spots on the rocks.  No other Seal or Sea Lion would dare argue with such a huge critter!  We searched for Whales but unlike yesterday we had no luck.  Our guests had a ball and saw a lot of cool stuff.  The water was calm and the Zodiac was fast.  It was a perfect day on the water!

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