J55, the newest calf of J-Pod
J55, the newest calf of J-Pod

JAN 21 2016 – Just a few days ago, we received some pretty exciting and amazing news… again! Another new Southern Resident killer whale (SRKW) calf was discovered with J-Pod! NOAA Fisheries were out in the Puget Sound and saw a particularly tiny baby swimming alongside J14 and J37. The calf looked to be just a few days old but in excellent condition! They sent a photo to the Center for Whale Research who confirmed it to be a new one! Since it was near both females, we’re still not sure whose baby it is, but it will be confirmed after a few more sightings!

We are so excited!!! This is the 6th new baby in J- Pod and the 9th in total for the SRKW’s in just one year! We are all hoping that these cute new members of the families remain in good health and survive their critical first year.

Check out NOAA’s report here:



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