Bill Zode Trip-Oct 20 2014

Captain Bill headed out on our 1pm Zodiac Tour today for a 3 hour Marine Wildlife Tour. Little did our guests know how much wildlife they would actually see! Bill headed East towards the American San Juan Islands. First stop-Eagle Point, where we found L Pod, the largest Pod from our Southern Resident Killer Whale Community. The guests were in awe. The Killer Whales were putting on a show with pectoral slaps on the surface of the water, spyhops and tail lobs! After over an hour watching these beautiful critters Bill headed South East to a place called Whale Rock. There our passengers viewed at least 100 Steller Sea Lions, 300 Cormorant & 1 Bald Eagle. They headed for home on a flat calm ocean, as you can see in the picture above from Bill. They thought they were finished with the Wildlife aspect of the tour but low and behold a Minke Whale…. The Minke Whale passed slowing by the Zodiac twice before heading on a longer dive. Bill continued onwards for home but in the distance to his surprise he saw a Humpbacks Tail Fluke disappear beneath the Ocean. He pointed it out to his guests and waited, within seconds everyone was watching a Humpback Breach into the air! What an unbelievable day and guess what we are going to do it all again tomorrow!

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