J Pod
J Pod in a resting pattern

March 31, 2016 – Such a good day to be on the water! Captain Ian took a group of excited passengers to San Juan Island in search of J Pod, one of our Southern Resident Killer Whale Pods, which we had heard were in the area. On the way we spotted a few Bald Eagles and even snacked on a bit of salty Kelp that Captain Ian fished out of the sea!

We quickly found J Pod, who were in a resting pattern. They came to the surface regularly and we got lots of good views of their huge dorsal fins. We even saw one of the new little calves!

After spending most of the afternoon with J Pod, we headed back to Victoria and found a few Harbour Seals on the way.  All of our passengers were so excited to have seen so much wildlife and to be out on such a perfect sunny day!

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