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AUGUST 13 2017 – We had an amazing day with several families of Bigg’s transient orcas in the area. On the morning tours we first saw the family T18’s that was traveling passed Race Rocks lighthouse, the two brothers T19B and T19C with their mom T19 and grandmother T18 is part of that family. Soon after we left them we got news of another family of transient orcas along the coast west of Race Rocks. It was the T55’s a family of 4. Mother T55, her fully grown son 28 year old T55A, 23 year old daughter T55B and 13 year old T55C. They headed west into Race Rock channel. In the afternoon a report of westbound orcas from Victoria turned out to be the T10’s and T60’s again, that have been in the area for 4 days now. They got really active later on with breaching and tail-slaps! At one point the T55’s joined up with them west of Race Rocks, so many orcas in the area! Easy to forget but we also saw two humpback whales in the morning, one of them breaching!

T55's orcas with Springtide whale watching
Big boy T55A and T55C behind him.

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