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Could it possibly be? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Wait…it’s blue sky! For the first time in over a week the azure expanse of sky has been visible after a shroud of smoke covered its beauty. While we enjoyed the moody, sepia tones of last week nothing beats the clearing heavens with all the rolling clouds and sparkling sunshine it has to offer on today’s tour.

Glorious panoramic views sans smoke screen. Photo taken and edited by Captain Yves.

With a renewed vigor and extra access to the benefits of west coast sunshine, the guests and crew of the Marauder IV began their search for whales and wildlife. As if the day could go any better a Humpback Whale was spotted out by Race Rocks, diving and taking massive breaths before dipping beneath the surface.

Humpback Whale showing off it’s namesake. Photo taken and edited by Captain Yves.

After getting our fill of Humpback viewings we directed our attention to the cheeky locals checking us out from their stony perches. Harbour Seals and Sea Lions check us out with the intense interest akin to your nosy neighbor – unbothered by our boat but deeply curious, none the less.

Peek-a-boo! Photo taken and edited by Captain Yves.
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