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Morning tours today headed west of Victoria and had some beautiful sightings of Humpback Whales.

Afternoon tours headed north to catch up with a fan-favourite family, the T2C’s! This family has a deep seeded history in the waters around Victoria. On March 1st, 1970 five Orcas were captured in Pedder Bay and held in a sea pen. At the time, humans were not aware that there were two different ecotypes of Orca in our waters, the salmon-eating and the marine-mammal eating Orcas. Those captured were members of the Bigg’s Orca or the marine mammal-eating Orca. This included a female known as T2.

Eventually, after three long months in captivity, T2 and her presumed son managed to escape and she went on to have more young, including T2C (Tasu). It always feels magical to watch Tasu and her own family, knowing what her mother overcame!

The T2C’s were hunting and made a kill of a Harbour Seal. Following their kill, they celebrated putting on an amazing show for all on board! Her eldest son, Rocky, put on quite the acrobatic display with two back-flips, lots of tail slaps, and lots of pectoral slaps.

An absolutely wonderful day our on the water!

Member of the T2C’s

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