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Transient Orca Breach

Nov 13 2018 – What a day!  Probably one of the best this year according to Captain Ian.  As soon as he left the harbour Ian saw multiple whale blows in the distance and a double breach from a huge adult Humpback Whale!  As they approached, the large Humpback started to feed.  Lunge feeding, cartwheels and rolling all around in the water slapping the fish with it’s fins.  After spending a bit of time with this active critter Captain Ian heard of Transient Orca coming in from the west.  He raced out towards them passing many other Humpback Whales and what he found was spectacular.  A pod of Bigg’s Transient Killer Whales in killing mode!  They were hunting seals along the shore of East Sooke Park and after a kill they would celebrate with aerial acrobatics!  Captain Ian even caught one cartwheel breach on Camera – see picture above!  Our guests couldn’t believe their luck today.  They ended their trip with a stop at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve where they saw hundreds of Sea Lions and scores of Harbour Seals.  The perfect end to a wildlife packed day.  To check out the pictures from today’s tour head to our Facebook Page.

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