JAN 3 2016 – Today we headed East on another Marine Wildlife Adventure.  Ian was the skipper today and headed for Trial Island first.  Trial Island has one of the last manned lighthouses on this coast and our guests enjoyed taking pics of this scenic spot.  He headed further east towards the Chain Islands where he stopped to show his guests some cute Harbour Seals and a pair of Bald Eagles perched above the seals.  They continues east and also made a stop at Chatham and Discovery Islands to see more Seals and Eagles.  Ian went all the way to San Juan Island and Whale Rock, a hot spot for Sea Lions.  After spending some time with the noisy Sea Lions he headed back west in search of Whales.  Unfortunately no whales were seen on this trip but we did see many Eagles, Harbour Seals, Steller Sea Lions and lots of Marine Birds!

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