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Morning Tour

Taking off from the harbour this morning, we encountered a fog bank creating a mysterious atmosphere around our boats. Turning our heads around after a few minutes on our way on the open ocean, we witnessed a stunning picture of the fog bank in front of the Victoria entrance.

Fog bank Victoria
A wall of fog in front of the city of Victoria. Photo by Captain Yves.


Heading to the direction of the Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, we did not have to search long to encounter a giant Humpback Whale, taking several dives and showcasing its beautiful tail flukes. We observed this beautiful creature until it took a deep dive and went off.

A Humpback Whale going for a dive. Photo taken by Captain Yves with a zoom lens & heavily cropped.


Continuing with our tour, the sun showed up now and again, providing us with clearer views of the water. Only a few miles from the boarder to the Race Rocks, we encountered another whale species, the Transient Killer Whales. Our lucky guests were able to see multiple of these animals – more precisely, 3 pods of the T’s together – floating on the surface, frequently spouting and showing their dorsal fins.

Transient Killer Whales. Photo taken by Captain Yves, with a zoom lens & heavily cropped.


Then on our way back home, we went through the reserve, closer to the shore, watching the usual crew of California and Steller Sea Lions, as well as, Harbour Seals resting on the rocks.

Spot the Sea Lions! Photo taken by Captain Yves with a zoom lens and heavily cropped.


On our afternoon tour we were incredibly lucky today and also spotted a Fin Whale. This is a wonderfully rare sighting here in the Pacific Northwest. The Fin Whale is an offshore animal and rarely seen! The Fin Whale the second largest animal in the world! An amazing sight for everybody on board.

A Fin Whale! A glimpse of the second largest animal on earth! Photo taken by Skipper Alex with a zoom lens & heavily cropped
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