A Gray Whale in Victoria Harbour Today!
A Gray Whale in Victoria Harbour Today!

NOV 5 2015 – What an exciting day!  We saw 3 different species of whales all in one day! It was an absolutely beautiful sunny day and Captain Ian headed out of the harbour in the afternoon with some pretty excited passengers. The trip started off with a bang with a grey whale right in the harbour of Victoria! WOW! This has NEVER happened before and it is very unusual to see grey whales this far into the Straight. The grey whale seemed to be feeding as everyone got a glimpse of his baleen when he surfaced. The next stop was a couple of humpback whales south of Victoria. These whales were certainly feeding as they were taking very long dives and spent most of the time under water and out of sight. So Captain Ian decided to move on to see what other amazing things he could find! It didn’t take long until he came across a pod of killer whales hunting near Race Rocks. Interestingly, Ian couldn’t recognize the group at first. It wasn’t a group of our Southern Resident killer whales, nor was it a pod of Transient killer whales. One of the big males had the most interesting dorsal fin, it was extremely jagged along the back edge, and with some consulting with our office, we discovered it was actually a group of Northern Resident killer whales!!! Amazing!

There are over 200 Northern Residents divided into 16 pods. The very distinctive male in the group turned out to be G38, a 29 year old male from the G1 Pod. It is very exciting as he was presumed dead, but it obviously turned out to not be the case! Everyone enjoyed this special moment with these amazing animals before Ian had to turn back and head to Victoria. It was an unforgettable Triple Creature Feature!

G38 -  a member of the Northern Resident Killer Whales
G38 – a member of the Northern Resident Killer Whales
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