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Transient Orca

Apr 28, 2019 – So many families of Orcas! Today our guests, crew and Captain Marty had the most incredible tour with the T65A’s, T63 and the T167s! That’s a whole lot of Killer Whales! The T65A family, T65 and T63 have been visiting us fairly often recently (you can read about our sightings of them here), and today it was wonderful to see the T167s join them in their playful mood!

Our guests caught up with them heading East in the Juan De Fuca Strait and were delighted to see how playful the two big males in the group were. They showcased their strength with a number of magnificent tail lobs on the water, leaving many guests and even our crew in awe!

Some super Steller Sea Lions were also spotted on the trip, making for a jam packed trip full of wildlife sightings, along with beautiful weather and excellently calm sea conditions. Amazing!

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