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It was a day for the Zodiacs, as the speedy vessels set off into the Strait of Juan de Fuca in both the morning and the afternoon.

Morning Tour

In the morning, we journeyed into the Juan de Fuca Strait. The travel direction was South and all eyes were peeled on the water scouring for wildlife. The weather was certainly more characteristic of Fall rather than Summer but spirits were high! The positive vibes on the boat worked and soon we were in the presence of not one but two Humpback whales! They were hanging around Constance bank, a shallow region of water that is popular with the species due to the accumulation of nutrients. They were flicking their tails and going for deep dives to fill their bellies with herring and krill. A happy Humpback morning!

Race Rocks Ecological Reserve
Race Rocks looking stunning in the afternoon with Strongtide zooming through. Photo taken by Skipper Bennit

Afternoon Tour

Our afternoon search took us South again and into the Salish Sea. Of course wildlife are on their own schedule and they were proving a little elusive. That was until our eagle eyed skipper spotted a faint blow in the distance: an animal had come up to breathe! As we approached and got a better look we saw that it was a Humpback whale. We enjoyed watching this impressive animals dive and resurface, in awe of its beautiful tail. We finished off our afternoon with a stop by at Race Rocks Ecological reserve where Harbour Seals and Sea Lions were waiting.

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