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The Humpback comeback has been in full force recently and today was no exception. We headed south out of the Victoria Harbour with our searching eyes turned on. It didn’t take long before we spotted ourselves a surfacing Humpback, its large blow acting as an arrow to it’s location.

We watched the animal dive deep and surface, repeating the pattern over and over. Its fluke was mostly white in colour and the whale gracefully flicked it up for all to see. Amazingly, we could spot other whales in the vicinity, their evident blows visible from kilometres away. We saw two blows near each other and thought we would go & say hello to the pair. They were travelling close together, coming up to breathe consecutively.

Humpback Whale
Humpback whale, Photo by Captain Yves.
image taken with zoom lens and heavily cropped.

At one point both humpback whales went for a deep dive, one and then the other a beat later. Everyone on the boat set down their cameras, turned to each other, revelling in the impressive animals they were seeing. Then all of a sudden….WOOSH!! The two whales we had been watching gracefully swim in the water had launched themselves up into the air at the same time, side by side. The event lasted perhaps 0.75 of a second but the double breach will remain in the memories of all on board forever. It was a perfect 10 from the judges! Watch the video here.

Humpback Double Breach
Humpback Whales doing a rare double breach! Extremely rare to see a double breach around these waters. Photo by passenger Elyan Geoffroy, heavily cropped.

The loud crashing of the two humpback whales back into the water must have caught another whale’s attention as within 10 minutes another Humpback Whale had joined them. We watched as the three convened, perhaps catching up on the recent traffic while moving north, and then left them to it. We stopped by Race Rocks and managed to chalk up two more marine mammals to add to our list: Harry the Sea Otter and multiple hauled out Harbour Seals.

Harbour Seal
Harbour Seal avoiding the rising tide, Photo by Captain Yves. Image taken with zoom lens and heavily cropped
A very special afternoon indeed!
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