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Morning Tour

It was a sunny morning on the Salish Sea and we were heading west from Victoria harbour to find a lazy humpback west of Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. The Humpback Whale would only come up for ~3 breaths and then dive again, barely showing its tail fin – if it even showed it at all!

Humpback spout
What an amazing shot of a Humpback Whale’s spout! Our passenger Rike Brandt took this great picture. Image taken with zoom lens.

We continued to hang out at Race Rocks, where we found a California sea lion leaping around out of the water and putting on a big show. We are not certain why this behaviour was occurring, but it looked like it was having fun.

Afternoon Tour

On our afternoon tour, we were treated with perfect weather conditions! Went towards Discovery Island and got intercepted by two Orcas, porpoising at top speed to catch up with their pod. About 7 Orcas in total swimming together, including a wee baby. After enjoying the beautiful moments and taking a great amount of pictures, we journeyed closer to Discovery Island and spotted the lone wolf, which lives on the island, napping on the shore.

To wrap up this amazing afternoon trip, we went by our usual crew of Steller and California Sea Lions, Harbour Seals and Sea otters.

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