resident orcas

October 28 2016 – Under a sunny afternoon sky our Zodiac tour travelled east along the coast of Oak Bay.  Circling Discovery Island we spotted a Bald Eagle in flight and delighted in the antics of the comical Harbour Seals lounging on the rocks.  We headed east to the San Juan Islands, a beautiful trip with a warm southerly wind upon us.  As we neared the coastline several black dorsal fins were sighted and then so many more!  There were over 30 resident Orcas from L pod.  These Southern Resident Killer Whales were swimming slowly in a tight group as they rested between feeding.  We spent 45 minutes watching this family group as they popped up and down out of the ocean waves.

Heading home after an exhilarating time with such a large group of the endangered Killer Whales we also saw 2 Humpback Whales travelling across the Strait.  Just a perfect day!

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