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OCTOBER 7 2018 – This afternoon we saw 3 Bigg’s killer whales around Discovery Island. It was the three siblings T65A2, T65A3 and T65A4 that seems to be on a vacation from their mom T65A and the two youngest siblings T65A5 and T65A6. It is common that the offspring leaves the mothers side for Bigg’s killer whales. Some of them disperse permanently from their family group. We still don’t know the reason why some of them leaves and some stays with their mother for life. The three siblings seemed to be hunting around the islands. It looked that they were successful in killing something by the gathering of seagulls above them. We left them traveling on the east side of Discovery island.

T65A2 and T65A4
T65A2 and T65A4

Photo by naturalist Marcus.

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