AUGUST 18. 2015 – It was already a very hot day when our boats left the Harbour and the reports coming in were very promising, with lots of killer whales being spotted just off Trial Island as well as humpbacks out in Hecate Strait. With glassy seas, we zoomed off towards the humpback whale first. Soon we saw a huge spout shoot up into the air in the distance. When we got closer we saw the massive humpback whale surface and then go down for a deep dive, showing off its beautiful fluke. 

The Resident Killer Whales were our next stop. They were just south of Trial Island and were moving in a big group all together. It turned out to be J-Pod and K-Pod travelling together. We saw Blackberry and Onyx, two massive males within the group. All of a sudden, 3 of the whales did huge spyhops all at once! It was absolutely amazing!! We spent a long time with this group as they were travelling East.

The afternoon turned out to be just as spectacular! The pods we were with in the morning had made it all the way to San Juan Island, their usual spot. We caught up to them just off False Bay and saw that they had split into several groups as their were feeding for salmon. They were very active in the afternoon, with tons of breaches, spyhops and tail slaps. One female did 3 breaches in a row! It was such a perfect day out on the water: too many whales to count, glassy water and the warm sun. None of us wanted to leave!

Springtide tours customers watching a male orca, Victoria BC IMG_4818a IMG_4843a IMG_4844a IMG_4850b IMG_4855a IMG_4861

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