AUGUST 9, 2015 – Today was a double creature feature (as skipper Geoff likes to say!) in the strait of Juan de Fuca as passengers on the morning trip were treated to both orcas and humpback whales! After a visit with our L pod killer whales, and a look at our huge sea lions at Race Rocks, we headed just south of Victoria’s Inner Harbour where we were greeting by a Humpback whale waving its tail at us! The humpback slapped and waved its fluke at the surface of the water for a few minutes, as if greeting guests to Victoria!

In the afternoon we headed the opposite direction towards San Juan island, where we caught up with L pod once more. The naturalists identified one huge male orca which passed by as Mega (L41) before we headed back towards Victoria. On the way home we stopped at Trial Island to visit some of our popular marine mammals, the adorable harbour seals. Overall a mammal-filled day on the water!

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