View from the Skipper's spot on Riptide, our Zodiac
View from the Skipper’s spot on Riptide, one of our Zodiacs

July 3, 2015 – This afternoon our zodiacs, RipTide and StrongTide travelled east speeding by Hein Bank along San Juan Island and looping around to False Bay where they picked up J-pod and a few members of K-pod, two different resident Killer Whale pods. To everyone’s delight, our zodiacs got a really great view of the crew’s favourite Killer Whale, Blackberry. Later a female rolled onto her back showing everyone her white belly and did some tail slapping. The water was glassy calm and the sun was shining bright, we couldn’t ask for better viewing conditions! On the way back our boats stopped at Chatham Island and got a spectacular view of a bald eagle sitting on top of a tree and some fat sea lions sun bathing up on the rocks.

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