Playful Humpback!

November 11 2016 – With sightings of humpbacks west of Victoria we headed out to Otter Point, on Sooke’s southern peninsula.  We soon spotted the tell tale blows of these magnificent whales.  Close to us were 8 humpbacks, separated into 3 small tight groups.  The adults were surfacing with throats filled with water, we could see their amazing throat pleats expanded as they lunge fed just under the surface.  Several calves were also socializing, playing and rolling around in the water a real pleasure to see and we spent over an hour with the group.  As the herring were pushed further eastward by the currents in the Strait of Juan De Fuca we also saw numerous blows in the distance as the whales followed these bait fish.  In total over 20 humpback whales spotted in the area – an amazing sight!

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