AUGUST 3, 2015 – Today was an unforgettable day, with amazing trips in both the morning, afternoon and evening . We arrived at Eagle Point on San Juan Island in the morning, where some members of the killer whale group,  L pod, were traveling.

The naturalists onboard identified a huge adult male orca as Mega (L41), and to everyone’s delight a female named Calypso (L94) popped up beside him with her new calf! The group went down for a long dive, and just as we were about to depart for home, they shocked everyone by coming up alongside the boat. An amazing last view of a happy family of orcas!

In the afternoon we headed back to San Juan Island where members of L pod had met up with J pod, and close to 50 orcas were playing beside the island. No matter where we looked around the boat we could see whales, and we were treated to an amazing experience of playful orcas spy hopping, breaching, tail slapping and rolling! It was an unforgettable day with magnificent Orcas.

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