Fiona's Steller at Race 2008
A Steller Sea Lion at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve

Well well well, the weather forecast has been calling for rain all week yet when our tours head out the rain stays away! Thank you Mother Nature. Captain Ian headed out at 1pm today for a Marine Wildlife adventure on a Zodiac. First things first – a salty sea treat! Ian decided to treat his guests to a bite of Bull Kelp. This brown algae uses photosynthesis to grow and it is totally edible “and quite tasty” says Ian.  He pulled some of this seaweed on board for people to touch and nibble on if they so wished. A pretty cool addition to the tour!

As they moved on, they headed towards Race Rocks where they found lots of Steller Sea Lions chowing down on huge salmon. Lately, the salmon has been plentiful in the ripe tides close to Race Light. These tidal currents hold so many nutrients, therefore providing a huge amount of food for all the marine life in these waters.

The tour ended with at least 4 Humpback Whales at Constance Bank. Another beautiful day out there and the rain stayed away until we were back in the Harbour!

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