There is no doubt that 2014 was an absolutely incredible year for whale and wildlife viewing. With so many amazing days out on the water it’s hard to single out the highlights and describe just how amazing our experiences were!  So, we decided it might be easier to show you our best whale watching pictures from 2014 instead. As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”…

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Whale watching in the Pacific Northwest is synonymous with Orca. And 2014 certainly delivered when it came to watching these beautiful mammals in their natural habitat. From pectoral waves, to syphops, tail slaps and everyone’s favourite, breaching – we saw a huge array of behaviours this year. Here’s just a few of our favourite pics!

Breaching Killer Whale, SpringTide Whale WatchingAmazing breach on SpringTide Whale Watching TourKiller Whale Tail SlappingOrca, near Victoria BCThree whales in a row!Up close with a beautiful Killer Whale!Whale watching in BCSouthern Resident Killer Whale babyKiller Whale SpringTide Zodiac Tour!Orca off Vancouver Island! J32, aka Rhapsody



Humpback viewing started early in 2014, with sightings starting in May and stretching well into December. With Humpback populations on the rise, it seems we are seeing more and more of these beautiful mammals every year. And, best of all, they seem to love breaching for our passengers!

Humpback breach, SpringTide 2014!Best whale watching - Humpback breachHumpback Whale WatchingBarnacles on breaching Humpback Whale!SpringTide Tour in Victoria BCFriendly Humpback Best Whale Watching PicturesHumpback, Vancouver Island Whale WatchingVancouver Island Whale Watching SpringTideHumpback Whale, Victoria BCHumpbacks, Vancouver IslandZodiac boat with HumpbackHumpback Whale Watching Tour BCHumpback Whale Watching Tour BC



The thing we love most about our local Pacific White-sided Dolphins and Dall’s Porpoise is that they are so friendly. It’s not uncommon for these aerobatic creatures to give passengers a nice close look as they play in the waves and ride the wakes of our boats. Because they are so fast in the water, it can be difficult to get a good shot. Naturalist Fiona Fogarty did get a few this year, but if you really want to see these guys in action, we recommend checking out our YouTube Channel.

Whale & Dolphin watching, Victoria BCDolphins with SpringTide boatFiona dolphin3Fiona Dalls


With so many whales around, it is easy to forget about the incredible diversity of the marine wildlife surrounding Victoria.  We hope you enjoy these pictures of other mammals and birds we see on our tours, including Stellar and California Sea Lions, Harbour Seals, Bald Eagles and other sea birds.

Race Rocks_Vancouver Island_BCSea Lion_Zodiac Wildlife ToursMarine Wildlife Tours _Sea LionRace Rocks_Vancouver Island Whale WatchingEagle with Prey_Marauder IVWildlife and Whale Watching Tour_VictoriaSpringTide Eco Tours_Marine WildlifeBird and Wildlife Watching_SpringTide


Early in the year, passengers aboard a few of our Marine Wildlife Tours were lucky enough to spot a Sea Otter out at Bentinck Island. Given that these cute critters were nearly hunted to exitnction in the early 1900s, we feel lucky every time we see one!

Sea Otter_Whale Watching TourSea Otter_Vancouver Island Wildlife


To top off an amazing year, we had some absolutely stunning sunsets! Here are just a few!

Sunset_Victoria BCGeoff amysuset amy

We hope that a glance at some of the highlights from 2014 has encouraged you to join us in 2015, for what promises to be another amazing year at SpringTide!

A big thank you to all of our contributing photographers: Fiona Fogerty, Maria Faria, Jim Cosgrove, Ronald Barto, Christian Gallent, Christine Roper, Amy Henderson & Claudia Esser.